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Home Renovation

Renovate and Revive Your Home

Over time, the structure of your home will degrade and lose some of it’s function or aesthetic appeal. When you’ve decided it’s time renovate your home, you can attempt to do the repairs yourself. However, most homeowners eventually decide that renovating their house is best left to professionals who know how to handle all of the minor and major issues that can arise during the home renovation process.

In the Los Angeles area, your home for comprehensive home renovation services is Aspen General Contractors. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided residents with high-quality craftsmanship and proficiency on both indoor and outdoor renovation projects. Whether you need to renovate a single room or throughout your entire household, we’ll get the job done using the most reliable combination of skill, affordability and customer service.

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What is Home Renovation?

Home renovation is different from home remodeling, although many people use the two terms interchangeably. By definition, home remodeling means you want to make significant changes in the structure, appearance, or function of specific areas of your home, or even your entire household. This involves things such as changing design schemes, changing room layouts and changing the way you use a room or larger area.

On the other hand, the definition of home renovation means you take areas of your home that are in disrepair and restore them to good working conditions that you can rely on for the foreseeable future. A renovation project can range in scale from minor touch-up work in a single room to major refurbishing efforts that cover both the interior and exterior of your household.

There are a number of reasons to renovate your home. For example, while you may love your home; living conditions in one or more rooms may have diminished or even led to significant decreases in your home’s overall function. You may also choose to renovate if you plan to sell your home sometime in the near future and want to maximize the market value of your property. Other common reasons for deciding on a home renovation include a need to fix specific safety issues in your home or a desire to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

kitchen renovation contractor los angeles

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation restores specific elements of your kitchen or the entire room to good working order. Issues commonly addressed during this type of work include:

  • Repainting
  • Repair of damaged trim
  • Replacement of defective built-in appliances
  • Repair or replacement of damaged cabinets or drawers
  • Replacement of damaged linoleum or other types of flooring

In some cases, the changes made during a kitchen renovation may eventually turn into remodeling work. For example, if you’re replacing damaged cabinets, you may decide to upgrade them with new cabinets that have a different layout or different design scheme. Similarly, you may decide to replace defective built-in appliances with different types of appliances that better suit how you currently use your kitchen.

The experts at Aspen General Contractors can safely, accurately perform all forms of renovation work for your kitchen. Our decades of continuous operation give us a deep familiarity with homes from every era of Los Angeles’ long architectural history. This means that, regardless of the age of your home, we have the know-how needed to perform work that restores your kitchen’s function while maintaining the overall integrity of its design and features.

Bathroom Renovation

With frequent exposure to water, heat, and humidity, your bathrooms inevitably incur their share of damage over the years. A properly performed renovation will address this damage and restore your bathrooms’ full function. Specific problems that call for a renovation of these heavily used spaces include:

  • Damaged drywall
  • Damaged floor or wall tile
  • Broken shower enclosures
  • Run down or damaged carpet
  • Damaged cabinets or vanities
  • Cracked or broken mirrors
  • Malfunctioning fixtures

As with kitchen projects, steps taken to address these repair issues may turn into remodeling projects. For instance, you may choose to replace an old, faulty bathtub with a new shower that does a better job meeting your household’s existing needs.

Whether you need drywall replacement, vanity repair or any other type of bathroom renovation, we have the expertise needed to handle your project. As with all of our renovations, we focus on safe, efficient work that restores both functionality and visual appeal. At the same time, we make sure to keep important design features intact.

bathroom renovation contractor los angeles
exterior renovation contractor los angeles ca

Exterior Renovation

A broad range of problems can affect the function and appearance of your home’s exterior. A short list of potential issues includes:

  • Peeling or blistering paint
  • Cracked or bulging stucco siding
  • Dented or discolored vinyl siding
  • Soft or unstable porch flooring
  • Windows that no longer close or seal properly

While some of these issues may be primarily cosmetic in nature, others may directly affect your ability to control your indoor environment or prevent more extensive in the future.

As a rule, only an experienced contractor can dependably complete exterior renovation work that truly addresses all areas of concern and helps avoid future expense and inconvenience. Our in-house staff and affiliated contractors are time-tested experts who know how to do things right. Regardless of the style of your home, our finished work will blend in seamlessly and keep you home safe from the elements.

Additional Services

We can also perform top-quality renovation work in any other part of your home, including your living room, bedrooms or garage. And in situations where a complete remodeling job makes more sense that a limited renovation, you can count on receiving the same unbeatable mixture of expertise, price consciousness and detailed attention. Contact us today for an estimate on your current or upcoming project.

Why Hire Licensed Contractors for Your Home Renovation Project?

If you have the time and patience, you could potentially perform certain types of home renovations on your own. In fact, many people across the country embark on renovation projects every day. In some cases, these do-it-yourself projects are successful and meet the goals and objectives of the homeowners who undertake them. However, when left in the hands of untrained, inexperienced people, a home renovation can just as easily go wrong and lead to dissatisfying results and a considerable waste of time, money and energy.

When you hire an experienced, reputable home renovation contractor, you gain the security of knowing that trained professionals will carry out every phase of your project and ensure the quality of the work you receive. You also gain the ability to safely and successfully complete extensive projects far beyond the DIY skills of most homeowners. At Aspen General Contractors, we provide the skill needed to complete any project, whatever its scale.

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