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Home Remodel Planning in Manhattan BeachEven if you love your home, there are probably things about it that you would change if given the chance. Maybe your kitchen has an outdated design scheme that clashes with your taste or contemporary styles. Maybe you’ve outgrown your bathrooms, or have inefficient fixtures that waste energy and cost you money. Or perhaps your exterior siding is reaching the end of its useful life and no longer has sufficient visual appeal.

Whatever type of cosmetic or functional issue you’re facing, a custom home remodeling job can provide you with a solution that perfectly suits your circumstances. That’s because remodeling goes beyond the scope of a limited renovation and allows you to completely transform any aspect of your home’s exterior or interior. Projects range in size from a single kitchen countertop to every room in your household, and you can decide exactly what you want to be done and how it should look in the end.

At Hill Construction, we provide the city of Manhattan Beach and surrounding communities with the region’s most comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective exterior and interior remodeling services. From the initial phases of the design process to main construction and the last finishing touches, we guide you through the process and create custom spaces that meet your highest standards for function and visual appeal. Whether your plans call for a short project limited to a single area or a large-scale project covering multiple rooms, we’ll turn your home remodeling vision into reality.

Why Remodel Your Manhattan Beach Home?

Unlike a renovation, which focuses on returning your home’s existing systems and features to sound functional condition, remodeling gives you the opportunity to completely update your home and make significant functional and visual changes. You might choose to remodel over renovation if you’re no longer happy with the design or layout of existing rooms or larger areas. In addition, many property owners use the process to expand the overall size of their homes by adding new rooms or expanding existing rooms. A well-done remodeling job can also greatly increase the value of your property, and thereby increase your equity or potential profits from a future sale.

Why Hire Licensed Remodeling Contractors?

Some homeowners attempt to save money by performing their own remodeling work. This is potentially a workable strategy, especially for smaller projects that don’t require much expertise. However, even a small remodeling job can exceed the ability of do-it-yourselfers, and large-scale jobs involving major structural elements are even further beyond the range of the average homeowner’s capabilities. For these reasons, only a qualified general contractor can handle projects of all sizes while maintaining a safe working environment and avoiding risks for injuries or accidental damage to valuable property.

Exterior Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home, numerous options are available.

Some examples of exterior remodeling include:

  • Changing Your home’s outer appearance and interior light levels by adding or replacing windows and skylights
  • Changing the look and function of your access points by adding or replacing French doors, sliding doors or main doors
  • Adding a new porch can transform your front façade while also giving you additional outdoor seating options and keeping inclement weather away from your front door
  • Adding a new back deck can greatly increase the usefulness of your backyard by serving as a convenient platform for cookouts, social gatherings, and other recreational activities

At Hill Construction, we provide complete exterior remodeling services for the most demanding homeowners. Whether you want to transform the entire outside appearance of your home or focus on one specific area, our expert staff will help you realize your plans while keeping the disruption to your surroundings and day-to-day lifestyle to a bare minimum.

Interior Remodeling

rir01Room Addition and Room Expansion

Many homeowners find that the size of their current residence no longer fits their growing demands for indoor space. In these situations, there are two basic remodeling options on the table: room addition and room expansion. The room addition process increases your available space with entirely new rooms, while the room expansion process increases the square footage of existing rooms. The choice between these two options is largely a matter of design preference, desired square footage increase, and budgetary constraints. We specialize in both of these popular interior remodeling procedures. Whether you need a minor room expansion or a multi-room addition, we’ll handle every phase of your project from initial framing to the final coat of paint.

rir02Kitchen Remodels

As the heart of your home, your kitchen gets a lot of use. Unfortunately, over time, kitchen features inevitably wear out and lose some of their functional usefulness and visual appeal. In addition, significant changes in your habits or family size can leave you with insufficient cooking and preparation space. Custom kitchen remodeling is the perfect solution for an outdated kitchen that no longer suits your needs.

We specialize in all aspects of interior remodeling and can help you update everything from your:

  • Kitchen  flooring
  • Wall cabinet & base cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Wall coverings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Built-in appliances

rir03Bathroom Remodels

Just like kitchens, bathrooms eventually lose some of their function and beauty with the passage of time. You may also find that your current available bathroom space no longer meets your family’s growing needs. Custom remodeling can address any practical or aesthetic issue you have, from a poor layout and unappealing design schemes to outdated fixtures. At Hill Construction, we performed small- and large-scale interior remodeling projects on many types of bathrooms, including master bathrooms, full baths, half baths (powder rooms) and shared Jack and Jill bathrooms.


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Hill construction did an entire remodel on my Manhattan Beach condo. I am a designer so I am fussy and the place turned out beautifully in fact it was published in Oprah's magazine. I highly recommend Hill construction.

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