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Hermosa Beach’s Source for the Best in General Contracting

In Hermosa Beach and all other communities in the Beach Cities and the South Bay, the expert contractors at Hill Construction offer an unbeatable slate of new construction, remodeling and renovation services. For more than four decades, we’ve operated on the same combined principles of general contracting excellence, reasonable pricing and customer-oriented attitude. Whether you want to build from scratch or make changes to your existing property, you’ll find us ready to handle all phases of your current or upcoming project.

New Construction

Construction of your new home proceeds in stages. From beginning to end, essential steps include:

  •         Site Prep – This initial preparation stage is the prelude for everything to come. Crucial steps here include terrain and drainage pattern analysis, as well as soil grading/leveling and creation of all municipal easement set-aside zones.
  •         Foundation Pouring – With direct input from an independent concrete engineering professional, we use this step to design your home’s foundation down to the last detail. After installing all required underground lines, we position a vapor barrier and start pouring concrete.
  •         Framing – The first step in framing is creating the basic layout of your home with dimensional lumber (i.e., studs, joists, trusses and beams). Next, we cover this frame with a shell of OSB sheathing or plywood and cover the shell with a vapor barrier. We also install exterior doors and windows, add exterior sheathing and deck and shingle the roof.
  •         Mechanical Rough – Your home’s mechanical backbone is its plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Contract professionals under our guidance install these systems in this phase. They also install secondary system elements such as outlets, switches, showers and bathtubs.
  •         Insulation – The insulation we install is essential to making your home energy-efficient. Depending on your construction plans, we may complete this step with rigid or liquid foam, traditional fiberglass rolls or blown insulation.  
  •         Drywall – An expert drywall installation is essential for a properly constructed home interior. Depending on your wishes, we’ll complete this meticulous work with a textured or flat surface.
  •         Interior Trim – During this phase, we add the fine carpentry touches that flesh out the character of your home’s interior. Features installed include everything from cabinets, interior doors and window sills to moldings, baseboards and casings. In addition, we install all fireplaces and stairs.
  •         Interior/Exterior Painting and Staining – Following your stated preferences, we lay out your home’s primary and secondary color schemes. We ensure top quality by relying exclusively on premium paints and stains.
  •         Mechanical Trim – During this secondary phase of mechanical installation, we finish all remaining work on your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. A complete course of testing ensures that everything functions as it should.
  •         Last Interior Touches – This phase focuses on the installation of delicate or easily damaged design features, including mirrors and carpeting. Before signing off on your interior, we also repaint or restain any area that needs a final touch up.
  •         Landscaping and Yard Grading – In this concluding phase, we focus on the installation of the outdoor elements that help beautify your home. This process may include living materials (i.e., shrubbery, grass, etc.), as well as masonry or other non-living materials.


Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling projects typically aim to make your home more visually appealing and livable, and hopefully more valuable as well. The work undertaken to achieve these goals may include such things as:

  •         Installing new skylights or windows
  •         Adding a new deck or front port, and
  •         Installing new French doors or other types of glass doors

Whether you have a large or small exterior remodeling job in mind, Hill Construction has the training and experience needed to perform work of the highest quality. If you like, we can focus exclusively on your home itself. We can also widen our scope and include plans for additional landscaping or hardscaping work.

Interior Remodeling

  •         Room Expansion or Addition – Room expansions increase the size of your home by adding area to existing rooms. Conversely, the addition process adds entirely new rooms to your existing layout. We can help you complete both types of projects on time and on budget.
  •         Bathrooms – Bathroom remodeling projects commonly include such things as bathtub replacement, shower replacement and fixture replacement. A more extensive option is the alteration of your current bathroom layout. Whatever the scale of your plans, we’ll complete all phases for bathrooms of all sizes.
  •         Kitchens – Kitchen remodeling work can focus entirely on cosmetic changes or on functional changes. However, projects in this category commonly have both cosmetic and functional goals. Whether you want to install new countertops or completely change your kitchen layout, we’re ready to go to work.


Kitchen Renovation

Renovation work is not typically as ambitious as remodeling work. Still, this type of project allows you to restore the proper function of key indoor or outdoor elements of your property. Interior projects we frequently complete in kitchens include:

  •         Rebuilding or replacement of existing cabinets or drawers
  •         Repair or replacement of existing appliance models, and
  •         Repair or replacement of existing flooring materials

If you like, we can also complete the renovation process with significant upgrades instead of sticking to strict one-to-one product or material replacements.

Bathroom Renovation

In your bathroom, a renovation project can help you address the functional and cosmetic issues that typically come with ongoing exposure to water and heat. Our comprehensive services allow you fix any problem, such as:

  •         Damaged shower enclosures or bathtubs
  •         Damaged mirrors
  •         Damaged tile
  •         Damaged cabinets and vanities, and
  •         Leaking or faulty fixtures

As in your kitchen, we can also upgrade your existing bathroom features at your request.

Exterior Renovation

Like interior projects, exterior renovations can treat cosmetic and functional problems as

separate or combined issues. At Hill Construction, we’re happy to support any renovation approach you choose. From repainting to large-scale structural repairs, we perform all work to the same standard.


The term landscaping applies to the living elements of your yard’s design scheme, while the term hardscaping applies to all non-living elements. Projects in both categories can greatly enhance your home’s appearance and value. We can successfully install any landscaping features you have in mind, from grass to shrubbery and ornamental trees. We can also perform hardscaping work with materials such as metal, masonry and wood.

Rely on Hill Construction

Situated on the Pacific coast between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach forms the heart of the South Bay’s famous Beach Cities. People from throughout the region flock to the community for its extensive outdoor activities, mild summertime temperatures and smog-free environment. Hill Construction proudly serves Hermosa Beach and all of the South Bay with the region’s most reliable, cost-effective general contracting services. From groundbreaking through the last finishing touch, we’ll help you complete your ideal new home or remodeling project. Contact us today for more information.