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In the cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, homeowners and lot owners turn to Hill Construction for the region’s most reliable and all-inclusive general contracting services. Since the 1970s, we’ve forged an unequaled record for quality work, professionalism and reasonable pricing. Whether you want to start construction from scratch, carry out partial or complete remodeling or renovation work, or install landscaping or hardscaping, we have the expertise you need to meet your exacting specifications and complete your project on time and within your budget.

New Construction

New home construction is a complicated, multi-step process that begins with site preparation. Phases of this process include:

  •         Site Preparation – Site prep sets the stage for all other phases of construction. Steps in this process include analyzing the site terrain and drainage patterns, determining surpluses for municipal easements and leveling or grading the soil.
  •         Foundation Pouring – During this phase, we use consultation input from a professional concrete engineer to design the ideal foundation for your home. Next, we install all underground utility connections, place a vapor barrier and pour the foundation concrete.
  •         Framing – Framing starts with placement of the joists, studs, beams and trusses needed for your home’s basic layout. Additional steps here include completing the shell with plywood or OSB sheathing, covering the exterior with a vapor barrier and installing exterior siding, exterior windows and doors, and roof sheathing and shingles.
  •         Mechanical Rough – During this phase of construction, our expert subcontractors create the routing for your home’s HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. In addition, our subcontractors install bathtubs and/or showers, as well as electrical switches and outlets.
  •         Insulation – Insulation is installed to produce a temperate, energy-efficient interior for your home or business. Materials used for this purpose may include blown insulation, fiberglass blankets or liquid or rigid foam.
  •         Drywall – Drywall forms the interior walls of your home. We perform an expert installation that includes your choice of flat or textured surfaces.
  •         Interior Trim – This phase focuses on the installation of door cases, baseboards, moldings, window sills and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We also hang your interior doors, install your bathroom vanities and install any required stairs or fireplace mantels.
  •         Interior and Exterior Painting/Staining – After consulting you on your color preferences, we apply all primary and accent colors to your home’s exterior and interior walls. All work is done with premium products from top paint and stain manufacturers.
  •         Mechanical Trim – During this phase of construction, we complete the installation of your home’s electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. In addition, we complete all electrical tie-ins and perform comprehensive testing of each system to ensure proper function.
  •         Final Interior Touches – Steps taken during this phase include floor treatment installation (carpet, ceramic tile, etc.) and installation of mirrors and other breakable glass items. We also perform any required paint or stain touchups.
  •         Landscaping/Yard Grading – This final step includes the installation of organic yard elements such as grass and ornamental trees and plants. It may also include the installation of elements made from masonry, wood or other hard materials.


Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling includes a wide assortment of projects designed to enhance your home’s livability, aesthetic appeal and market value. Common examples of these projects include

  •         Installation of sliding glass doors or French doors
  •         Window and skylight installations
  •         Addition of a new back deck, and
  •         Addition of new front porch

At Hill Construction, our comprehensive service covers all manner of exterior remodeling plans, from projects that focus on a single room or area to projects that completely transform the outside of your home. We can also incorporate hardscaping and below-ground subscaping into your overall plan, or tackle them as a separate remodeling job. No matter the scope of your project, we work hard to minimize our impact on your property and daily routines.

Interior Remodeling

  •         Room Addition/Expansion – Projects in this category are designed to increase the amount of interior space in your home. We can make this happen by adding one or more rooms to your existing structure. Depending on your space needs, design preferences and budget, we can also expand existing rooms to your specifications.
  •         Kitchens – A remodeling job can help you revise the look of your kitchen and gain some much-needed functional improvements. We can handle all aspects of your upcoming kitchen project, from layout alterations and built-appliance updates to new countertops, cabinets and flooring.
  •         Bathrooms – Remodeling work can also help restore the look and function of your bathrooms. Common bathroom projects include fixture replacement, bathtub/shower replacement and layout alteration. We can perform all desired work for your master bath, full baths or half baths.


Kitchen Renovation

Renovations are more limited in scope than remodeling jobs. Nevertheless, they help you achieve an essential goal by restoring the existing elements of your home to reliable, durable working condition. Common examples of the work we can perform in your kitchen include:

  •         Flooring repair or replacement
  •         Repainting
  •         Cabinet repair or replacement
  •         Drawer repair or replacement, and
  •         Appliance repair or replacement

We can also use the renovation process to carry out some upgrades that stop short of a full-blow remodeling job.

Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can solve all of the problems caused by years of exposure to wet, hot and humid conditions. We specialize in large and small projects that correct such issues as:

  •         Tile damage
  •         Shower enclosure damage
  •         Vanity or cabinet damage
  •         Broken or cracked mirrors, and
  •         Damaged fixtures

In addition, we can combine renovation with a range of upgrades or modifications.

Exterior Renovation

Exterior renovation projects can help you correct cosmetic issues on the outside of your home, or functional issues that make your property less usable. At Hill Construction, we specialize in both types of projects, and can handle everything from fading or peeling paint to major porch, deck or window repairs. We can also incorporate exterior upgrades into the renovation process.


While you can make hardscaping or landscaping part of new construction or other projects, you can also get this work done separately. We specialize in hardscaping performed with all kinds of materials including:

  •         Wood
  •         Masonry, and
  •         Metal

We also specialize in the design and installation of custom water features such as birdbaths, ponds, waterwalls and artificial creeks. In addition, we can design and install landscaping elements such as ornamental trees and plants.

Count on Hill Construction

The Beach Cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach are famous throughout the region and across the country for their world-class beaches and public piers. Hill Construction is proud to serve these South Bay communities and all of Southern California with the very best in general contracting services. Call us today to discuss your upcoming plans for new construction, home remodeling, home renovation, hardscaping or landscaping. From initial design to project completion, we’ll help you meet your practical and aesthetic goals in style.  

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