5 Landscaping Improvements for Adding Property Value

//5 Landscaping Improvements for Adding Property Value

5 Landscaping Improvements for Adding Property Value

When potential home buyers see your home, they can instantly fall in love. Curb appeal can make a big difference in making a sale, but also in your property value.

Who wouldn’t love to add property value to their home? The magic strategy here is landscaping improvements. However, some landscaping improvements are more effective than others for adding property value. Read on for the 5 top improvements for adding property value with landscaping

1. Trees

Shade, a sense of privacy, and calming trees are a great way to add to your home’s value. Maybe it’s our instinctual need for nature, but according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, homes that are on a street with trees sell for $7,000 more on average. So, take the situation into your own hands and plant a few trees on your property. Trees planted on the sidewalk or in front of your property seem to be the most important ones, so plant strategically. In addition, the shade created from trees helps keep your home cool in the summer. This is especially important in hotter areas of the country and can help reduce energy costs.

2. Add Color with Plants

A variety of plants and flowers can add a burst of color to your property, enhancing its beauty. When you are planning this improvement, be sure you choose native varieties. Plants indigenous to your local area are easier and cheaper to maintain, which avoids putting extra burden on yourself or a potential buyer.

You may also consider the style of your home when selecting plants. Choose varieties that go well with your architecture. And consider the way these plants will look year round. While a flowery spring display looks lovely, you might also want to include some evergreens for colder months. Finally, plants can help with water drainage, so if you have any trouble with water pooling on your property, consider killing two birds with one stone and improving drainage while adding an attractive landscaping element.

3. Edge it

Keep the edge of your lawn neatly trimmed so that there’s a clear definition of where your lawn ends and begins. Mulching can be a great way to define garden beds. However, around walkways and the driveway, a nicely defined edge can be done by a landscaper. It’s a small detail that will help your home look neater and well cared for.

4. Fence

Great for privacy and security, a fence can help define the space while enhancing the attractiveness of your property. For families with children or pets, a fence is a very enticing feature and they may be willing to pay more for it. Of course the fence must be tastefully done. Wooden fences are usually more beautiful than chain-link, for example. Once again, consider the aesthetic of your home when choosing a fence. You’ll want it to fit in with the architectural style, otherwise it will look disjointed and out of place.

5. Walkways and Patios

A walkway can be a beautiful feature for your home. This, along with simple stone or brickwork patios can help create an outdoor space that can be used for outdoor eating and entertaining. This feature doesn’t have to be large, but can have a positive impact on your property value as you’re essentially adding usefulness to the home.

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